1706474427 Fake sex photos It39s impossible to search for Taylor Swift

Fake sex photos: It's impossible to search for Taylor Swift on X – Le Journal de Montréal

Taylor Swift became searchable on X (formerly Twitter) on Saturday after pornographic images of the singer generated using artificial intelligence circulated on the social network last week.

If you type the popular singer's name in the search bar, no results will appear. Instead we get an error message: “An error has occurred. Try reloading the page.

Fake Sex Photos: It's Impossible to Search Taylor Swift on X

Screenshot, QMI Agency


“This is a temporary measure and is being undertaken with the utmost caution as we prioritize safety in this matter,” the social media channel told CNN Business.

Recall that sexual photos of the singer were created using AI before being widely shared on X, a situation denounced by several of her fans.

The Chron also reported that Taylor Swift was considering taking legal action.