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Fallout Creator Reveals Why Vaults Were Really Created – Gamereactor

Tim Cain, co-creator of the original Fallout in 1997, has revealed the real reason the Vaults came about.

In a new episode of his Cain on Games YouTube series, Cain explains that the Vaults were originally created for more than just ensuring that humanity could repopulate the Earth. When designing the vaults, “the head of the enclave and the highest levels of government said, ‘Let’s build a spaceship and take it to the nearby stars.’ But that would take forever, so it has to be a multi-generation spacecraft, and the only technology we can build is nuclear power. So we can build a nuclear power plant that would help us build a spaceship for centuries, but we don’t know how to do anything else. So the director of Vault-Tec, who wasn’t a great person, said, “Why don’t we use the vaults to find the tech we need on the ship?”

As you might have guessed while playing the games, each vault was not only designed to keep humans alive, but was also created to test some other experimental technology that could aid in humanity’s great emigration to the stars.


“I always thought the vault that created Vault City in Fallout 2 was a control vault,” Cain continued. “It was designed to do everything right. This gave Vault-Tec a purpose that went beyond “rescuing a portion of the American population and then releasing them into a radioactive death zone.” That’s the thing that doesn’t make sense. It made sense to build vaults of technological and experimental beds to create a multi-generational spacecraft that would keep our best and brightest off Earth in the event of nuclear war. »

What do you think of the real reason vaults were created in Fallout?

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