False advertising Normand Brathwaite is in tabar

False advertising: Normand Brathwaite is “in tabar***”

An ad has been circulating on social media for some time. It shows a photo of Normand Brathwaite, who claims to have made a lot of money with Bitcoins. IT'S A FRAUD!!! And the actor and presenter wanted to let Sophie Durocher know.

At QUB, Mr Brathwaite explained that the situation was putting him “in Tabar***”. What annoys him the most is when friends and admirers fall for it and end up losing their money.

“It's terrible because we have no responsibility,” he explained to Sophie Durocher. I didn’t talk about Bitcoins.”

Normand Brathwaite wanted to clarify on Sophie Durocher's microphone and propose a solution to QUB to avoid this type of fraud:

Normand Brathwaite claims to have raised the flag several times, but is quick to admit that it is virtually impossible to find the culprits. Faced with such a situation, he believes that the best way to avoid this type of scam is to say out loud that it is one.

“Véronique Cloutier was the victim of this, Claude Legault was the victim of this,” Mr. Brathwaite lamented. I feel guilty because I did something I’ve never done before.”

Sophie Durocher wanted to emphasize that these scammers prey on people's vulnerabilities. She also called for vigilance.