Fans upset about Yanet Garcias content on OnlyFans

Fans upset about Yanet Garcia’s content on OnlyFans

Yanet Garcia gets bad comments on her special page

Known ex-girl meteorologist Yanet Garcia has received endless bad comments in recent weeks about her content on the OnlyFans platform, where it is allegedly different from what she shares on Instagram.

And it seems that her subscribers are very upset with the Mexican presenter, because “she does not show anything.”

Everything indicates that the Mexican driver is still not convincing in her posts on the platform. only fans.

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Even some users in the United Kingdom claim that the model is not sexy enough in her photos or videos.

Here’s how they pointed out that the Mexican Weather Girl received strong reviews. critics mixed about his OnlyFans.

In a video promoting her content, the 31-year-old poses provocatively in a tiny lace Victoria’s Secret nightgown.

A flirtatious bright red dress shows off her figure to the fullest as she rolls over in bed and strokes her curvaceous figure.

As expected, her hot video received over 300 thousand responses on the famous social network Instagram from his nearly 15 million followers.

However, some of her OnlyFans followers commented that she “doesn’t show off enough”.

She doesn’t show anything on OnlyFans”, “That’s a lie, I paid for a subscription for two months, and she never shows anything, even in private videos,” there were some comments.

However, it is important to note that for a couple of weeks now she has been practically absent from his official Instagram account, but she does not disclose the reason.

What yes, is that today she was involved in a big controversy, because a couple of days ago she announced to her subscribers that his ex-partner was cheating on her with the famous Mexican actress Marta Higareda.

Without a doubt, this news surprised her subscribers and, of course, the actress.

Even Marta came forward to refute these accusations, as she also assures that Yanet is a complete liar, and what she says is the ultimate lie.