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Farewell to the multitalented Denise Assunção: Icon of Brazilian music and theater dies at the age of 67 itupevaagora.com.br

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The actress, singer and songwriter Denise Assunção has died in São Paulo at the age of 67 from complications of colon cancer. The news of his death was published by the Instituto Itamar Assumpção, an organization dedicated to the legacy of his brother, musician Itamar Assumpção, who died in 2003.

Denise Assunção, who turned 67 in December 2023, has had a diverse and influential artistic career. As a singer, she composed and released the solo album “A Maior Bandeira Brasileira” in 1990 and contributed her voice to the choirs of the band Isca de Police, which accompanied her brother Itamar. She also worked on the album “Intercontinental! Quem Diria! Era Só O Que Falva!!!” by his brother, who sang on the track “Sexto Sentido”.

In the field of acting, Denise Assunção distinguished herself in several theater and film productions. His works included performances in renowned pieces such as “Arena Conta Zumbi” and “Arena Conta Tiradentes” by Augusto Boal and Gianfrancesco Guarnieri, “O Verdugo” by Hilda Hilst and “Mural Mulher” by João das Neves. She also worked on Mazzaropi's films and the miniseries “Hoje é dia de Maria” on TV Globo and took part in the Teatro Oficina founded by Zé Celso.

Denise Assunção was closely connected to the Brazilian art scene not only through her brother Itamar, but also through her nieces Anelis Assumpção and Serena Assumpção, both daughters of Itamar. His niece Serena also died of cancer in 2016 at the age of 39.

The death of Denise Assunção represents a great loss for the Brazilian cultural scene and marks the end of an era of significant artistic contributions in numerous areas of the arts.