father pulled Van Dammes daughter appears to be doing the

father pulled! Van Damme’s daughter appears to be doing the balancing act that made him famous in the movies Online Séries

Daughter of Jean Claude Van Damme

Photo Reproduction/ The Cannon Group/Warner Bros.

The split is a gymnastic technique that consists in opening the legs to a 180° angle and leaving them parallel to the floor. The move became known after actor JeanClaude Van Damme showed it off during his films.

Bianca Bree, daughter of star and former bodybuilder Gladys Portugues, appeared on her official Instagram profile performing the same move as her father, showing that she also inherited his elasticity. The actress, who has even acted in films alongside Van Damme, is 32 years old.

In a post shared with her 192,000+ followers, she went about the move in a variety of ways. In the first, Bianca had her legs flat on the floor. In the second, he showed more agility in performing the movement with support from a barbell brace and bench at the gym.

She even shared a video of her jumping rope and other moves that require a lot of elasticity from her body. Besides Bianca, Van Damme is also the father of Kristopher Van Varenberg, the result of his relationship with Portugues, and Nicholas Van Varenberg, the actor’s son with his exwife Darcy LaPier.


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Van Damme is currently 62 years old. He left Belgium for the United States to become a movie star. After facing many difficulties and even living on the streets, he finally got his place in films like The Great White Dragon and Kickboxer: The Dragon Challenge.