Faustao leaves intensive care after a kidney transplant

Faustão leaves intensive care after a kidney transplant

The Communicator received the new heart on August 27, 2023, in an uneventful surgery after the transplant team of the patient at the top of the list rejected the organ..

However, one detail caught the public's attention at the time: the duration of the operation. According to a medical bulletin released that day, the procedure lasted about 2:30 hours and was “successfully completed.”

In an exclusive interview with SquirtDoctor Fernando Bacal, the presenter's cardiologist, explained that the transplant performed on the communicator is more common than one imagines.

Faustão recorded a video after a heart transplant Faustão recorded a video after a heart transplant. Image: Reproduction/Instagram

The time period published by the hospital takes into account the time it took the medical team to connect the arteries and tissues. “There is much more time for the implant itself, i.e. the anastomoses [ligação entre artérias]let's talk about where the seams will be placed [conjunto de manobras realizadas para unir tecidos] of the new heart.”

The entire process can take around six hours. “There's the whole process of opening and closing the bone so you can operate on the heart. You have to saw the bone, the sternum, and then make the closures with the clamps and the metal wires…”