Fazenda 14 Barbara Borges believes that Deolane Bezerra will leave

Fazenda 14: Bárbara Borges believes that Deolane Bezerra will leave the country: “Autumn is coming”

After the formation of the last Swidden in “The farm 14“, Barbara Borges and Iran Malfitano decided to talk about the quarrels that Deolane Bezerra played live (01) last Tuesday night.

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For Babi, Deolane has had a very inflated ego since being incarcerated: “She thinks it’s all about her! That everyone wanted to come in here to be their friend or foe, who’s jealous, who’s possessed!”

It’s a very inflated ego! Very sick. She’s already sick! It’s over the top, it’s sick ego. She has no conscience,” the actress continued.

Iran agreed with her friend and also expressed her opinion: “That’s right. And I think that just shows who she is on the outside.” “Don’t worry, she’ll show. O fall come! Autumn will come, it is not possible” the blonde concluded, explaining her desire to see the lawyer outside of rural reality.

Babi: “That’s a very inflated ego. sick with she is already ill It’s too puffy. It’s a sick ego. Autumn will come, it is not possible. she is dirty Such a great need for cleaning because there is no detergent to remove the internal dirt.” #RoçaAFenda


— Dantas (@Dantinhas) November 2, 2022

Deolane and Babi chat and Peoa reveals the unexpected of reality

In the afternoon of last Tuesday (01), Barbara Borges and Deolane Bezerra They even got into such a quarrel.

It all started when Deolane provoked Babi when she saw her opponent washing dishes: “That’s good, isn’t it?”. The actress couldn’t take it, then replied, “Yeah, that’s good, right. There’s no point in washing the whole house and staying dirty inside. You’re totally fucked up inside. Your mouth is dirty as hell! They’re going to clean your mouth, but there’s no way to clean it, right, that’s courtesy.”

The discussion arose when the actress called the attorney dirty and Deolane countered by saying her opponents were pigs and lazy. Watch the full video:

Deolane says that Babi is a pig, lazy and jealous of her. #The farm | #AFZenda14 pic.twitter.com/O232ShE7Vq

— Adrielle 🌸 (@adrielletuitta) November 1, 2022


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