Featherweight sparks rumors of him leaving a store without paying

Featherweight sparks rumors of him leaving a store without paying

The year 2024 was not easy for us Featherweight. The popular Corridos Tumbados singer has been involved in a number of controversies since his breakup with him Nicky Nicole even rumors of rehabilitation. But the latest news about him is even more surprising: he is accused of leaving a store without paying for the products.


A video leaked on social media shows the artist at a marijuana dispensary in California. According to media reports, Featherweight, also known as Double Pplaced several products in the cash register before leaving the restaurant without making the corresponding payment.

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What makes this situation even more delicate is that the store owners allegedly shared the recordings to expose the Mexican singer's behavior. It is said that Peso Pluma asked a friend to pay for the products, but so far the store continues to record the order as unpaid.

Despite the growing controversy, the singer has chosen to remain silent. Since his public breakup with Nicki Nicole, Peso Pluma has kept a low profile and avoided making statements about his personal and professional life.

This latest incident certainly adds a new chapter to the series of problems the singer is facing. Peso Pluma's lack of comments leaves his followers and the public with more questions than answers about his behavior and future in the music industry.

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