Federal judge declares “rebellion” against Anuel AA

Federal judge Pedro Delgado found the city artist Anuel AA in “rebellion” in connection with the million-dollar lawsuit filed by the advertising agency Buena Vibra Group (BVG).

In August last year, the Emmanuel Gazmey company sued Santiago and his company Real Hasta la Muerte (RHLM) after they failed to pay for various advertising activities related to the launch of the record production Las Leyendas siempre muer.


Urban music expert Austin Santos Rosas, better known as Arcángel, proposed a million dollar challenge to reggaeton player Anuel AA.

Buena Vibra is asking $1,864,000, which represents the expenses they have made in the various advertising campaigns. The agency says it paid Ultimate Fighting Championsip (UFC) a total of $960,000 to promote the album. According to Buena Vibra, this money was not refunded by the artist.

The legal document also states that the agency is “owed $10,000 for certain images requested and approved by Anuel for his ex-wife, the artist known as “Yalín la Más Viral,” as well as an amount ” at least $200,000.” Compensation for the advertising agency services provided to the defendants that were not paid for.”

“In addition, BVG owes damages in the amount of no less than $194,000 for the loss of profits it suffered as a result of not having the opportunity to invest the money owed by defendants in other projects,” it says Attorney Manuel San Juan filed the lawsuit in August.

The filing at the Federal Court shows that Anuel AA still does not have legal representation.

This would not be the first lawsuit that Gazmey Santiago faces in the Federal Forum, since in 2018 the model Noris Díaz filed a lawsuit against him on two different grounds of action: defamation and invasion of privacy by placing him in a false light.

However, in 2020, the lawsuit was dismissed by federal judge Raúl Arias, who said it lacked an allegation of “actual malice.”


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