Federica Aversano returns to talk about Matteo Ranieri quotSo it

Federica Aversano returns to talk about Matteo Ranieri: "So it was a big disappointment"

The young bell, neo-tronista of men and women, is back to talk about Matteo Ranieri.

After his trip as Suitors for men and women at the court of Matteo Ranieri, the young bell federica aversano is one of the new tronistas of the dating show of Maria DeFilippi Next Lavinia Mauro, Federico Dainese and Federico N. The public knew and appreciated her during the throne of Matteo which he chose at the end of his journey Valeria Cardone.

Men and Women neotronista Federica Aversano returns to talk about Matteo Ranieri

Federicathrough the pages of the magazine Furthermore She spoke again about the former Ligurian Tronista, admitting that she had experienced a great disappointment with him.

“Of course he could have avoided deceiving me, it wasn’t good behavior towards me and for that very reason it was a big disappointment for me.”

Regarding his previous relationship ended right then Federica expected little Luciano Giuseppe explained that theformer partner just retired when he became a father:

“I thought I found the man I could build this complete family with that I’ve been missing. I was already expecting my baby at 25, but when I was six months pregnant, he retired. He didn’t want to take responsibility for the relationship. He continued to be my son’s father, but he was no longer my partner.”

The throne of Federica Aversano It started a few weeks ago and the girl has already met and met several suitors who are ready to enter her heart. Among them a familiar face of the throne above, Riccardo Guarnieri who, more recently, was interviewed by the magazine men and womenreiterated his interest in him:

“Federica, despite not knowing her very well, gave me the impression of being a girl with her head on her shoulders and for that reason ultimately I don’t see our age difference as a problem […] When Federica told me that maybe we could have a coffee if I had become her suitor, it seemed to me that she wanted to give me a nap […] I still like it a lot”.

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