Federico Fashion Style Selvaggia reveals Coming out We all knew

Federico Fashion Style, Selvaggia reveals: «Coming out? We all knew that. There was an economic negotiation…”

the come out from Federico fashion style keep arguing. There have been many users who have expressed their opinions on this after theinterview exclusively issued by the hairdresser a Silvia Toffanin. To reveal more background related to seal of approval received from very correcthe thought about it Wild Lucarelli in the last episode of him podcast “The Head Down”.

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Federico Lauriin art Federico fashion stylehas been accused on social media that he revealed it was him homosexual public just to get more sight range and above all more money. The journalist revealed that the coming-out was actually in the air for a long time and that Federico Fashion Style had decided to organize it in the best possible way. pure interest economically?

“We actually felt relapsed because of sequins and surgeries when we did this simple equation. Instead, Federico Lauri came to Verissimo himself and surprisingly confirmed that our sensor was fine,” the journalist explains the tam-tam of the past few days.

Then, to his great surprise, he reveals: “In the television environment, we all knew that Federico had been organizing his for a few months media come out. There was one going on negotiationobviously also cheap, with programs and conductors, at some point, I remember, he wanted to go to the Big Brother to make his revelation. Then everything failed and he decided to entrust the shovel to Silvia Toffanin».

But is there a commercial operation behind the appearance of Federico Fashion Style? Selvaggia tries to clarify: «We have decided that it is good to monetize everything, so you will say, why should it be strange that Federico is paid for his personal coming out? In reality, nothing is strange, very questionable from my point of view. When I think that a year ago Lauri himself was paid by Dancing with the Stars to stage the image of the heterosexual who defended against any suspicion, even irritated, and who presented us with the traditional family to dispel any doubt. The idea of ​​truth and lies having the same price on the same subject doesn’t shock me, but it does discourage me,” continued the Dancing with the Stars judge.

Finally, Selvaggia Lucarelli highlights the hairdresser’s hypocrisy towards his ex-partner Letizia Porcu: «He shed the weight of judgment on TV in front of a few million viewers, but his wife should keep her private life private because the town is small and people grumble. In short, the mother should protect her daughter from evil rumors, because apparently the daughter is ready to read in the newspapers that the father is gay, and we are very happy about that. But knowing that mom has a love life could cause her some trauma, ”says the journalist.

Last updated: Tuesday 24 January 2023 15:01