Federico Massaro and Simona big bluff cuts Massimiliano Varrese against

Federico Massaro and Simona big bluff cuts, Massimiliano Varrese against everyone

The Testimonials for the Big Brother evening on Wednesday, February 28th They paint a more complex picture than many of the earlier episodes. Maybe it's because different altars are being discovered.

Mirko-Perla, Perla-Mirko, Mirko-Perla, Perla-Mirko: Voice of Atlantis. In the sense of something that doesn't exist. These two don't love each other and will never get back together, and neither of them is interested. “Alfonso, do you want to come in my place? Should I go?” asks Perla, showing that she will no longer tolerate the host. In short, a moment of sympathy.

Beatrice Luzzi: I agree, Mo enjoys it. Nobody involves them in the heated controversies of the past few months anymore. Her entry into the finale made her incredibly human in the eyes of the other tenants. And finally she can face Big Brother as a viewer.

The controversy between Giuseppe Garibaldi and Anita Olivieri: vote But weren't they the most beautiful couple of friends in the world? Whenever anyone disputed the somewhat pathological nature of their relationship, both of them called everyone crazy, and now it is Anita herself who is talking about a pathological relationship on Giuseppe's side. Consistency.

Simona Tagli: Vote for Operation Sympathy. Mirko and Perla randomly let her play the cards (I get it, I get… boredom, boredom, boredom) just to include her and create a minimum of dynamism since the character's volcanism is unfortunately extinguished within a few minutes of episodes . The Tarot moment is the most predictable one can be with trivial and unwarranted double meanings. The only true gypsy who makes cards and whose fate depends on cards is Cloris Brosca. We should always remember this.

Federico Massaro: Vote But which actor?. There are people who say he's acting, but I think he's just pretending, and acting pretty badly. He is right to play his cards because he has understood one thing: after the reality show ends, Italian television will no longer have a place for him. He recounts his family's tragedies in such a believable way that, in comparison, Parzzemolo di Gardaland seems like a real character and not a puppet. But get up, come on.

Giampiero Mughini: I vote “More Mughini for everyone”.. “Federico, good luck with your work. Even if I don't know what job you do”: with this sentence he interpreted the thoughts of all Italians. Clone it.

Greece Colmenares: I choose Leona. He still doesn't understand a thing of what he's saying, but he laughs, laughs and jokes, jokes, ends up saying things. Of course it would be more effective if it spoke a language that at least someone could understand, but that doesn't matter. “Yo soy una leona”: That’s what he always says and it’s one of the few things we can share. He will reach the final and he deserves it.

Massimiliano Varrese: Vote every now and then. The discussion about the nominations of the “young” members of the House of Representatives makes little sense, but the fact that he claims that participants with a below average age should still receive an education and should not see Big Brother as the only chance to succeed in life. For once he says something pleasant and . Then he goes beyond that by talking about the nominations and the fact that he was angry because young people nominated him for a game. In short, one shot at the rim and one at the barrel. Peel.