Fedez loses fight with codacons in court

Fedez loses fight with codacons in court

January 28, 2023 10:14 am

The rapper accused the consumer center of fraud, which is now counterattacking: “We’ll report him, don’t go to Sanremo”

Fedez loses fight with codacons in court

The verdict in favor of codacons

In dismissing the rapper’s appeal, Judge Gabriele Tomei also recognized the full legitimacy of the Codacons initiative, arguing in the dismissal order that “only to an inattentive reader could the incriminated banner appear ambiguous and misleading.” “Indeed – according to the court ruling – from reading the website and from the in-depth analysis of the Codacons initiative described in the linked links, it emerged with sufficient clarity that these funds were intended to support the action of the association and to achieve objectives of public interest, to protect all consumers… It must be borne in mind that the opposite thesis of the defense of Federico Lucia (Fedez, editor’s note) regarding the alleged suitability of what is advertised by codacons “To cheat the public out of possible donors is presumptuous and apodictic”.

The Codacons Response

The federation’s hot comment following the ruling was harsh: According to Codacons, Fedez’s complaint would be “blatant retaliation for the antitrust fine levied by Codacons on Gofundme after the fundraiser in aid of San Raffaele Hospital launched by Ferragnez on the platform was in order of.” 1.5 million euros for the bogus commissions applied to unsuspecting donors,” comments the club. And announces immediate measures. “Now Fedez is not only being reported for defamation and has to face a new criminal case, but he also risks being excluded from the next Sanremo Festival to be disfellowshipped – thunders the codacons – we are indeed in the process of filing a motion with Rai, who is also asking not to allow his participation in any form at the song festival, given the recent serious events that have involved the rapper.”

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