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Fedez loses the case with Luis Sal: he has to sell his shares to Muschio Selvaggio (due to the “Russian Roulette” clause)

by Rosanna Scardi

The decision of the Milan court. The dispute between the two creators of the format broke out in June last year after they had founded a company together and in equal shares a few weeks earlier

The Court of Milan decides Wild moss: and from Luis Sal. Judge Amina Simonetti granted the appeal without reservation in a decision dated February 23rd judicial seizure of the shares of Doom srl (Company led by Annamaria Berrinzaghi, mother of Federico Lucia, alias Fedez, 34 years old) from Muschio Selvaggio srl, sponsored by the lawyer Nicolò Ferrarini from Modena on behalf of Luisolve srl, Company of Luis Sal (26 years old, content creator and YoutuberCo-founder of Podcasts Muschio Selvaggio as well as co-author and co-moderator).

The dispute in June 2023

“The regulation ordered this Luis Sal's company has the right to take over the shares of Fedez's company and thereby disempower it in the management of the podcast,” says a statement from Luis Sal’s press office. The first steps in the story go back June 2023: After some episodes in which Luis Sal did not appear In the podcast, Fedez accused him of abandoning the project a heated discussionwith a Video titled “What happened to Luis?”claimed to continue the project alone A few weeks earlier, equal shares had founded a company together.

“Tell your mother, tell your lawyer.”

Luis Sal responded with a video that immediately went viral – “Tell the mother, tell the lawyer” – in which he told the public that he had to defend himself against the allegations and demands for damages made against him by Fedez's lawyers. They followed each other in November 2023 Voices The weekly newspaper “Chi” launched a commercial agreement with a confidentiality agreement between the two. The rumors came later Denials from both, especially Fedez, who explained in a video published on the podcast channel: “If you have one 50% companies Things are usually resolved in front of a judge, or at least that's what adults do.

The Russian Roulette Clause

The ruling of February 23, as explained in more detail in the communication, represents one of the few judgments published in Italy on the functioning of the Legal clause “Russian Roulette”., contained in the statutes of Muschio Selvaggio srl, the company that publishes the podcast. The Roulette Clause is a clause in American and English law that provides: in the event of a company bankruptcy (especially in companies at 50/50)one of the two partners has Right to make an offer buy the other partner's shares. However, if the latter is the case Waste is the first having to sell the shares. The mechanism was deliberately created to prevent unfair negotiations.

Fedez's protest

End of 2023 Fedez's company activated the clause by offering himself for it buy the shares held by Luis' company and try to exclude him from the podcast. Luis di's unexpected decision refuse officially placed him in the position of Buyers of Fedez shares. However, faced with the fait accompli, Fedez refused to submit to the legal rules (to which he had committed himself when founding the company). challenge the effectiveness of the clause and the refusal to sell. Luis was therefore forced to resort to it Court, which proved him right.

The decision to be made

Now the note concludes: It is Fedez's responsibility to decide whether it intends to comply with the ruling of the court, accordingly assign his shares before a notary, or if he so wishes neglect the decision, forcing Luis Sal to appeal again through the legal process receive a sentence that will force Fedez to sell his shares and therefore (permanently) withdrawing from running the podcast.

The Irony of Selvaggia Lucarelli

The message was reposted by Selvaggia Lucarelli in “Stories” Instagram his profile with the font «If so, I accept the invitation, Luis», referring to the possibility that Fedez agrees to sell his shares before a notary. To support this, Lucarelli publishes a Photomontage which portrays her with Luis Sal (her face covering Fedez's) in the podcast studio, with the caption “Wild moss».

Fedez loses the case with Luis Sal: he has to sell his shares to Muschio Selvaggio (due to the “Russian Roulette” clause)

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February 27, 2024 (modified February 27, 2024 | 1:44 p.m.)