Fernanda Gentil is diagnosed with Bell39s palsy

Fernanda Gentil is diagnosed with Bell's palsy

Fernanda Gentil shared with her followers that she had a frightening experience of facial paralysis that began shortly after Carnival. The presenter reported the first symptoms, which began with a numbness in the mouth, after meeting her partner at the airport.

In a video on her YouTube channel, Fernanda described how she initially ignored her symptoms, but when they worsened, she decided to seek medical help.

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She and her partner went to the emergency room, where the journalist received medical advice via video call and underwent preliminary examinations.

Doctors ruled out a stroke and diagnosed facial paralysis, specifically Bell's palsy, which is characterized by muscle weakness affecting half of the face. Fernanda took the opportunity to make her followers aware of the importance of paying attention to the body's signs and seeking medical help if necessary.

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