Fernando Carrillo has officially split from his wife and is

Fernando Carrillo has officially split from his wife and is a eligible bachelor again

Fernando Carilloknown for starring in soap operas such as Abigaíl, Rosalinda and Siempre te amaré, took to his social media to share that after three years of dating his partner, they have decided to go their separate ways.

Maria Gabriela Rodríguez, 27, and Fernando Carillo57, surprised many with the news as she would be considered one of the few couples to appear genuine and full of love.

The couple married in Tulum a few years ago when they were already expecting their son Milo, who will soon be two years old. Everything seemed to be going quite well, as even the actor had confessed to being faithful for the first time in his life.

For unknown reasons, but apparently by mutual consent, they have decided to put an end to their love story.

“Three years after our union and two years after the wedding, this royal couple has decided to separate and continue on their separate paths but united in love for our beloved son MILO,” he wrote. “Thank you for the love you have always shown us as a couple.”

Before ending the message, which he accompanied with an affectionate video of the two, he asked his followers not to stop believing in love.

The actor’s followers quickly filled the publication with messages of support and admiration for both of them. “Best of both friends and especially the beautiful Milo who has wonderful parents,” wrote one netizen.

While another wrote, “Life goes on for both of them.” And a third commented, “Too bad it struck me as one of the most real couples in the middle, success and blessings to both of them in their new lives.”
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Fernando Carrillo’s love life has always been an issue.

On the other hand, both were also read very harsh messages Fernando Carillo like towards his ex-wife. While some attack him as immature and assume he already has another woman in sight, others point out that the age difference meant they didn’t work.

So far, none of them have come out to make any comments about themselves separationSurely the Venezuelan will clarify the panorama a bit in the next few days when he comes across a journalist.