Ferragnez Fall of the Gods in Court the Marriage Lawyers

Ferragnez, “Fall of the Gods in Court”: the Marriage Lawyer’s Scenario

The names Chiara Ferragni and Fedez have been on everyone's lips lately. Yesterday more than ever. The influencer chose Fabio Fazio's living room to try to understand what has happened to her since Pandoro Gate and to break the silence on the rumors of a breakup with the rapper. In Zona bianca, the political and current affairs program of Rete 4, the presenter Giuseppe Brindisi asked his guests for the version of the businesswoman who admitted the crisis with her husband, but stated that they were in contact and that there was nothing not yet established. Marriage lawyer Gian Ettore Gassani tried to outline possible scenarios for the most followed social couple of all time.

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“Your name is Ferragnez. We know very well that they are Fedez and Ferragni, they are a single bloc. It is true that there is a separation of careers, but we have to see at the commercial and corporate level how separate they are.” : This was said by Gassani, who then went straight to the point and explained: “The question is that the fall of the gods on social media could be the downfall of the gods in court. We must understand what the entanglements of these two spouses are.”

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The journalist then asked the lawyer what advice he would give to Ferragni and Fedez. After recognizing the change that the two had imposed on themselves during this delicate period, the expert said: “To remain calm, talk little, do not tell too much about each other.” “Now it seems to me that she has succeeded have. Unlike everything they've done before, because they've published everything about their lives. We know very little about their separation, it was no longer the Ferragnez. That's what I would say. “Stick with it because they are world-famous people and it is dangerous to say a single word more,” he concluded.