Ferragnez game over: There is a break between Chiara Ferragni and Fedez


by Francesco Prisco

The rapper leaves his home. The influencer would not have liked her husband's lack of support after the Pandoro. More than the end of a love, the end of an era

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Now we have to separate the term Ferragnez, a magic word that was even advocated by Treccani and has shimmered in our gray existence for over five years: Fedez and Chiara Ferragni have separated. Dagospia, an authority on the separation of couples (see the previous Totti-Ilary), wrote it and many confirm it: the rapper left home last Sunday. The relationship between the couple has not been the same since Sanremo last year, where the influencer appeared as co-host, but Ferragni had postponed any decision to stay close to her husband, who was struggling with health problems.

When she got into trouble because of the well-known Pandoro Balocco affair, Fedez was not so generous and accused her of her legal problems having a negative impact on her business. On the contrary: the musician's political statements would have made the influencer's position even more unpleasant. Meanwhile, today happens to be the start of the March 3 episode of Che tempo che fa, in which Ferragni will confess to Fabio Fazio.

If you don't care about their fate, change the article. In fact, go ahead and change your country, because you can bet you'll be hearing a lot about it from now on. Italy is something like this: since adopting the Republic, it has built its own royal family with the material at its disposal: Rossellini and Ingrid Bergman, Celentano and Claudia Mori, Al Bano and Romina, Totti and Ilary, Ferragni and Actually Fedez. Where the transition from the first to the last couple says a lot about the country we wanted to be when we adopted the Republic and what we have become.

While we wait for more details about their split, it's already time to reflect on what they represented together. Man and woman, the rapper and the fashion blogger, individually or together, like Voltaren and Muscoril, in the specially arranged combination called Ferragnez: the most beautiful couple in influencer marketing, a beautiful story that is already history yesterday.

He is the judge of the She is the only influencer capable of confirming or destroying your corporate reputation, the divinity of fashion weeks, the collector of boardrooms (often left empty), testimonial of bottles of water for 8 euros each as well as the Uffizi and thousands of other things again. Always in the front row together: for Amazon and for money.

But in what Guy Debord defined as the society of spectacle, everything changes very quickly. In 2020 they were among the organic intellectuals of today's Italy. Two who made themselves, on social media and/or in the recording studio. Two who have been forgiven for everything, even a few lavish late-night parties in a rented supermarket. Two examples: they create jobs, they donate beds to hospitals dealing with the Covid emergency, and they are asked by Prime Minister Conte to raise awareness among young people about the virus and its environment.

A kind of third way between John & Yoko and Totti and Ilary, which reaches its climax in Sanremo 2023, when Ferragni, as co-host, thinks she is free while Fedez offers the right hand and something else in the audience at the Ariston Rosa Chemical. Heaven is open: endless political controversy, because in the meantime Meloni arrived at the Palazzo Chigi and the Ferragnez never got along with Giorgia. That's how Ferragni came across the Balocco Pandoro by chance. From this very moment, the story of the most beautiful couple in influencer marketing has reached antipodes, with the result that investing companies are now almost in a rush to remove themselves from any association with the brand.

We are more than the end of a love, we are at the end of an era. Enter thoughtful discussions about the fate of children exposed to social marketing campaigns from an early age and their respective fortunes. We'll be talking about this for a long time. So long that who knows if we'll still have time to talk about the Ferragni investigation.

  • Francesco Prisco


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