Ferrari announced he was about to sign with Alianza but

Ferrari announced he was about to sign with Alianza, but a phone call made him change his mind

Jean Ferrari is a lawyer and is currently acting as interim administrator University of Sports. During his playing days, the former national midfielder played for various Peruvian teams, including Sport Boys and Cienciano. However, the Cream manager recently shared a little-known anecdote and revealed that he was close to becoming a footballer for Alianza Lima in 2006.

This year, Ferrari returned to Lima after his time at Cienciano and looked at some options for possible clubs he could join. Then he said that in this context the Uruguayan coach Gerardo Pelusso He called him and expressed his desire to be able to count on him in Alianza Lima. As it is recalled, Pelusso was the coach of the close team in the 2006-2007 season.

What did Jean Ferrari say about his possible arrival at Alianza Lima?

The “U” administrator confessed that Alianza Lima made him an offer and held talks for several days with coach Gerardo Pelusso, who tried to convince him. However, after the proposal, he replied that he would still consider the proposal with his family.

“Professor Gerardo Pelusso calls me, he calls me to his house. We were talking about football and I said to him: “No, teacher, I can't do that.” He told me that he wanted a player like me with my leadership skills and characteristics. He tried to convince me. I said no, it's not for me. At some point he asks me to talk to a leader (…). They offered me an amount that amazed me. I told them I would talk to my wife,” he explained in a recent interview for the streaming show “La fe de Cuto.”

Why wasn't Jean Ferrari allowed to play for Alianza Lima?

Ferarri stated that his wife's father was a fan of Alianza Lima and that she also tried to convince him to accept the offer. After a final call from Pelusso to sign the contract, the lawyer also said he left for La Victoria. However, on the way he dialed the telephone Miguel Monteverde, then president of Sport Boys. This made me give up the idea of ​​being blue and white.

“Pelusso calls me and asks me to sign the contract. I told him I would leave at that time. I grab the car and drive to La Victoria and on the way (Miguel) Monteverde calls me. He tells me: “Jean, we're 15 points behind, no one can save us, we have no money, you won't let Boys go down, what will your mother say?” I told him that I was going to La Victoria because there was a contract and they were fighting for the championship and relegation. When I felt he had thrown in the towel, that motivated me,” he said.

After that call Ferrari said he thought about his enthusiasm for Universitario and the entire club; For this reason he decided to sign with the Sport Boys, who were saved from losing the category at the end of the season.

Jean Ferrari played twice for Sport Boys.  Photo: Jean Ferrari/X

Jean Ferrari played twice for Sport Boys. Photo: Jean Ferrari/X

“That's where the problem comes in, I came from the 'U', I was strong and motivated. On the way I said: 'No, you are sick and tired'. I turned around and grabbed Costa Verde to Pink House.” “I sat down, we didn't talk about money and I signed the contract. They ended up paying me $2,500. I didn’t check anything,” he said.

Jean Ferrari referred to the possibility of Monumental hosting friendlies in Peru

Ferrari was consulted on the possibility that the Monumental Stadium could be one of the venues for the Peruvian team's preparatory games in March.