Ferrari revealed how he convinced Puma to use Matute in

Ferrari revealed how he convinced “Puma” to use Matute in the final against Alianza: "It was so much fun"

University of Sports became champions of League 1 2023 by winning the final against Lima Alliance. The student team drew in the first leg and defeated the Intimates 2-0 in the second leg. This result allowed them to achieve the 27th star in their history. This second game took place at the Alejandro Villanueva (Matute) and one of the members who visited the Victorian venue as part of the cream delegation was “Puma” Carranza.

In the prelude to the game “Puma” Carranza walked onto the field and even spoke to the press while the blue and white fans whistled it. At that moment, the cream idol left a sentence that was preserved for posterity: “We already had fun here.”

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More than two months after this anecdote, Universitario's temporary administrator Jean Ferrari spoke about it, revealing how “Puma” Carranza visited the Victorian venue.

What did Jean Ferrari say about “Puma” Carranza’s support for Matute?

In a recent interview, the lawyer said that if he would not be “the one walking around the Alejandro Villanueva Stadium,” then he would think of someone who Alianza Lima fans disapprove of. That's how he got the idea that this could be it “Puma” Carranza. As you recall, Ferrari was traveling to the United States at this time for health reasons.

Ferrari revealed how he convinced Puma to use Matute in“Puma” Carranza, 8-time champion with Universitario, entered the matute field before the start of the second final of Liga 1 2023. Photo: Diffusion

So he decided to contact the Universitario idol to tell him about the idea. The manager stated that he persuaded his friend by giving him free time to harass his biggest rival without any sanction.

“I say to him, 'Pumita, would you be interested in going to Matute to celebrate the title?' What do you have to do? What you then know best. What are you going to do?' I answer. “Ah, free letter now, right?” he says. “Green light,” I say. “Look, don’t punish me later,” he replies. Green light. It was hilarious,” he said for the streaming program “La fe de Cuto.”

What did “Puma” Carranza say when he assisted Matute in the 2023 League 1 second leg final?

The former footballer made sarcastic comments when he was interviewed at the Alejandro Villanueva, saying that he had already had fun on this stage in previous years. “We've had fun here… and that's the most important thing. You have to play football well, without outside help,” he said in front of the Liga 1 Max cameras.