Few bullets in Putin39s needle

Few bullets in Putin's needle

A Russia is having difficulty meeting its domestic ammunition needs in the war against Ukraine, according to Western authorities. Still the president Wladimir Putin did not give up his ambitions to subjugate the neighboring country.

The sanctions imposed on Russia are affecting the country's military industry, making it difficult for it to produce new systems and repair old ones. The lack of access to Western components is cited as one of the main reasons for this situation.

This information was released by Western authorities analyzing the situation of the conflict, which is now in its third year. Russia is making progress and taking control of the Ukrainian city of Avdiivka, while Ukraine is also reportedly running out of ammunition.

But Western officials do not believe Russia has a clear plan beyond continuing the fight and relying on its military strength and equipment to secure an advantage.

Financial support for Ukraine

Ukraine's dependence on Western financial and equipment support also became clear. Political disputes in Washington prevented help 61 billion dollars arrival in the country, making the situation even more difficult.

One of Ukraine's problems is the lack of artillery shells. According to international agencies, experts and soldiers on the front lines estimate that Russian artillery fires five times more than Ukraine.

Western officials have stressed that Russia also faces problems as the sanctions directly impact military production, leading to delays and rising costs. This means that the country is not up to the demands of war.

Russia does not deliver supplies to allies

A consequence of this situation is that Moscow has requested military equipment for foreign allies. Last March, for example, the Indian Air Force reported that Russia was unable to deliver vital, vulnerable supplies to the Indian military due to the conflict in Ukraine.

An official said Russia's domestic munitions production capacity was insufficient to meet the needs of the conflict in Ukraine.