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A well-known strategy to try to sell an image of total transparency internationally was celebrity declassified CIA documents. After a “cautious” period, the North American empire confesses and releases information that in many cases reveals its meddling and neo-colonial policies, such as the Condor Plan. There they admit their genocidal practices, but always with the hackneyed excuse that they did it in the “name of justice and freedom”.

However, nowadays it is no longer necessary to wait 30, 40 or more years to learn the truth of events. Probably the Empire’s Marramucias, given its undeniable cultural, economic and political decadence come to light much faster. Such is the case with Alex Saab, a Venezuelan diplomat and businessman kidnapped in the United States. And now it’s Mike Pompeo, former Secretary of State to former President Donald Trump, who is confessing.

FileNews The Empire Admits It Admits Alex Saabs Innocence

diplomatic pressure

The American politician admits he was aware of Alex Saab’s status as a Venezuelan diplomat. But he specifically chose to ignore international law. This also shows how he put direct pressure on a “small island” (Cape Verde) to order the unlawful detention of an official on a diplomatic mission. And that he also tried to get fuel and other items to help the criminally blocked Venezuelan people.

This new confession appears in a book written by Pompeo: Never give an inch. Fighting for the America I Love (Never Give An Inch: Fighting for the America I Love). In this text an entire chapter is dedicated to Venezuela. And that section has a full page (351) on the illegal detention of Alex Saab. In fact, in this part of the letter, Pompeo confesses the following:

“I called Attorney General Bill Barr and I arranged our ambassador in Cape Verde they will present the necessary documents for the delivery of Saab to the United States (…). Suffice it to say that no other nation has the global reach to disrupt an Iran-Venezuelan conspiracy in real time and convince a small island nation that he’s holding a wanted man.”

Mike Pompeo admits that Trump and the opposition have tried to invade Venezuela militarilyPhoto: Composition Adolfo Dávila News from Venezuela
cheating, lying and stealing

When he speaks of “persuasion,” Pompeo is actually referring to forcing a “small island” to accompany them in their flagrant violation of international law. Ultimately, everything is to be expected from this character, especially since he himself has publicly stated that he honed the “arts” of deception, theft, and lying during his time at the CIA.

Sure, based on that peculiar “work ethic,” Pompeo took full responsibility for the Saab hijacking, knowing full well that he was committing a serious crime. In doing so, he brushed aside his own concerns, which he had voiced via email to Elliott Abrams, then the US special envoy to Venezuela.

It is necessary to remember that Pompeo he was concerned about the status of the special envoy de Saab, who in turn was acting on behalf of the Venezuelan government on a diplomatic mission. It must be borne in mind that the Venezuelan diplomat’s defense has presented four electronic communications in evidence to the US court. In them they talk about Monitoring diplomatic activities.

Laws in the trash

Also of note is the 6/14/2020 email in which Elliott Abrams told Assistant Attorney General Bruce Swartz: Pompeo’s restlessness, faced with the difficulties of stopping Saab. This would have been if he had been appointed as Venezuela’s special envoy before January 2019, which was indeed the case. This posed a serious problem for the Trump administration, which at that point (prior to January 2019) still recognized as legitimate the Venezuelan government of President Nicolás Maduro.

However, between “roosters and midnight” Mr. Pompeo (confessed thief and liar) ordered Saab to be kidnapped. Hence he jumped to the bullfighter all these laws, Conventions and Treaties: Universal Declaration of Human Rights; African Charter of Human and Peoples’ Rights, Constitution of the Republic of Cape Verde, Vienna Convention and International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. The law on international judicial cooperation, the Interpol General Rules and the pacta sunt servanda principle before the United Nations Organization were also violated. As you can see, this is a clear case of lawfare or political kidnapping against a Venezuelan diplomat.

Alex Saab immunityPhoto: Permission Alex Saab
previous confession

But the crime of lawfare against Saab had also previously been admitted by another key player in the Trump administration. We’re talking about Mark Esper, the former secretary of defense who wrote the 2022 book: A Sacred Oath. There, Esper revealed that Trump had ordered himself mobilize an expensive US Navy ship, to the coasts of Cape Verde. The aim of this maneuver is said to have been to prevent a “hypothetical” escape plan by Saab involving Russians and Iranians.

Today, thanks to Pompeo’s book, we know that this strange and unwarranted military maneuver was in fact part of the “convincing” techniquesthat the United States uses against smaller countries.

Venezuela advances

The empire professes and exposes its racist airs. That becomes clear With the attack on Saab, Venezuela was attacked. It is one of the irrefutable proofs that the republican sect, blinded by hate, was capable of incredible feats. Those were the dark days of the “maximum pressure” policies that caused so much pain and suffering to the Venezuelan people.

However, Republicans failed miserably due to their obsession with installing a Puppet government in Miraflores. After years of onslaught, the Venezuelan economy has started to embark on the path of recovery and growth. However, justice must finally be done and the release of a Venezuelan diplomat and businessman devoted to the noblest of causes fulfilled.