Filippo Bisciglia the tragedy of the disease what is Perthes

Filippo Bisciglia, the tragedy of the disease: what is Perthes disease and how it defeated it

Filippo Bisciglia is one of the public’s favorite TV faces and when he revealed a personal background on health he stunned his fans. He explained in detail what could have happened to him and what he had taken into account.

the conductor gained visibility after participating in the 2006 to the Big Brother and since then he has been involved dedication when shopping for TV credibility and public consensus.

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Filippo Bisciglia He has come a long way since he first appeared at Mediaset and the most spied house in Italy. A young sensitive is always ready to get involved and that has established his value throughout the various television experiences that have been a continuous crescendo. We are used to seeing him smiling and in a good mood, but a long time ago he told a painful background that not everyone knows. Why is?

Filippo Bisciglia and the confession of the disease

Filippo Bisciglia was born in Rome and graduated from hotel management school. He has dedicated himself to tennis for a long time and also at a competitive level. His fame was born with participation in Big Brother in 2006 where he finished second. His way of going about things and his spontaneity made him immediately appreciated by the audience. From that moment his career took off and, in addition to a coveted guest in the best television salons, he managed to make the leap in quality and quality He became a presenter himself.

The former Gieffino was at the helm of island of temptation for 8 years the public has been convincing and confirmed again and again Maria Who is the creator of the Mediaset format. He has been by Pamela Camassa’s side for over seven years and they are a truly happy and contented couple. A while ago, however, the conductor wanted to touch you pain point in his life died and spoke of the illness that had marked him in childhood. Why is?

He could have been lame

Filippo Bisciglia he talked about his illness and how he felt at the time. As DiLei further reports, the conductor suffered from a rare bone disease that affects the femur or thigh Perthes disease. A disease that affects the infantile part of the population, and especially men. From the age of 2 to 5, the conductor could no longer use his legs, which shaped his childhood and that of his family.

He explained that in addition to the intense pain, the intense use of the legs would likely cause those affected to limp. TOalthough not immediately, but after a while the body’s reaction would have been like this. Has uncovered who happily said: “My mother entrusted Dr. Milella, who experimented much longer with a new treatment, but which would have allowed me not to give up my legs” and finally said with the words: “Thanks to him I became the first child that I got rid of Perthes disease that way”.

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