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Filming will soon begin in Montreal: the next film in the “Karate Kid” saga has found its star

Two months before filming begins for the next feature film in the cult saga Karate Kid, which will take place in Montreal this springDirector Jonathan Entwistle has found the actor who will play the film's young hero.

This is Ben Wang, a young 24-year-old actor who was recently discovered in “American Born Chinese,” a Disney+ series. He will star in the film alongside none other than Jackie Chan and Ralph Macchio, who will reprise their iconic characters from previous features in the series.

According to an article published Tuesday on The Hollywood Reporter's website, Ben Wang stood out at the audition for his knowledge of martial arts and his command of Mandarin.

To find the new Karate Kid, studio Sony Pictures broadcast a video on its YouTube channel last November inviting young actors interested in the role to submit their applications to a casting site. Thousands of candidates answered the call, including 10,000 in less than 24 hours.

In April in Montreal

As Le Journal reported last December, the next Karate Kid film will begin filming in Montreal in April. This sixth feature film in the saga brings Jackie Chan and Ralph Macchio to the screen in their respective roles as Mr. Han and Daniel LaRusso (the hero of the very first Karate Kid in 1984).

Filming will soon begin in Montreal: the next film in the “Karate Kid” saga has found its star


Director Jonathan Entwistle (“I’m Not Okay with This”) will helm the new “Karate Kid.” Filming, originally scheduled for last fall, was delayed by a few months due to the Hollywood actors' strike. The film's release date is set for December 13, 2024.