Finds strange eggs in his land screams in fear at

Finds strange eggs in his land: screams in fear at the sight energy horizon

A farmer finds mysterious eggs scattered across his field. He doesn't know who they belong to, he's scared, but when they hatch…

Eggs scattered in a fieldEggs scattered in a field (

One morning as he goes to work, a farmer appears in his fields He finds dozens and dozens of white eggs scattered on the ground, which surrounded his farm. He collects a few, but there are so many eggs, all lying in the grass around his property. A very strange fact that sends shivers down the man's spine when told by Good Deeds YouTube Channel.

He doesn't know which creature these eggs belong to, and given the exorbitant number, he doesn't even know whether they belong to a single mother or to multiple mothers. The farmer is afraid, runs into the house and since it is already dusk, wakes up his wife and two daughters. The whole family looks out of the house again and observes the farm full of eggs.

Mysterious eggs scattered across a field: the farmer's fear

Egg between the stonesEgg between the stones (

The land worked by the farmer is barren and the corn has disappeared, someone has destroyed his farm and his harvest is endangered. The angry farmer gets on the tractor to crush all the eggs scattered on the ground and start new farming. However, the two little girls ask their father to keep the eggs.

And so, The whole family collects the eggs and puts them together, cover them with a black cloth, protect them from rain and in a place protected from predators. The curiosity to find out which animal they belong to is very great, so the family waits for several days until they hatch. Two days pass, then the first break in an eggshell.

She is one of the two girls who finds the first broken egg, although its contents are still unclear. Two more days pass before the farmer notices that an egg is completely open but the shell is empty. All eggs hatch on the same day, leaving the entire family in disbelief. Even the farmer is left wide-eyed.

The eggs hatch and the family is speechless

These are little peacocks, beautiful, very sweet. The farmer has always loved peacocks, so he decides to keep them and let them roam freely on his farm. There also remains the mystery of the peacocks, who left the eggs of their chicks there and consumed all the grain grown, only to disappear into thin air. An almost inexplicable fact.

Be that as it may, the peacock is an animal that has enjoyed deep symbolism since ancient times. Originally coming from the forests of India, it has since ancient times spread throughout the planet. In nature, peacocks usually have polygamous matings. Each male surrounds himself with five females.

In the spring, Females lay 4 to 10 eggs, after breeding for just one month. Newly hatched chicks are already able to search for food on their own. The peacock is a migratory bird that can only fly a few meters. Its breeding is very easyIt is also a very long-lived animal, easily reaching 20 years of age.