Fiorello goodbye Susanna the marriage failed because of her He

Fiorello, goodbye Susanna: the marriage failed because of her. He couldn't resist the temptation

Rosario Fiorello, the new love – Source – Autoruote4x4.comRosario Fiorello, the new love – Source –

A new passion has arisen in the heart of the Sicilian showman, who has been married to Susanna Biondo since 2003: This is him.

He is perhaps the biggest talent on Italian television at the moment: when it comes to that Fiorello It is obvious to say that “He knows how to do everything well“. The author, born in 1960, is well versed in television and debuted between the late 80s and early 90s. showmancomedian, actor, Singer, conductor TV and radio, but the list of things Fiorello can do would still be very long.

Fiorello's beginnings, like many of his television colleagues of his generation, lie in the resorts as an entertainer and then on the radio, but it wasn't until the late 1980s that he gained popularity through iconic shows like I'll pay tonight and that Karaoke, which brings thousands of people singing in all Italian squares. Without forgetting, of course, his participation in the Sanremo Festival in 1995 with “Finally Tu”.

Fiorello's recent career has been marked by forays onto the stage Sanremo Festival alongside his lifelong friend Amaudes, but also from the hugely successful morning show Long live Rai 2hosted from Rome and broadcast every morning at seven.

Fiorello's new love, a symbol of Italy

Fiorello has been married to since 2003 Susanna BiondoSinger-songwriter's sister Marjorie. The two had a daughter, Angelica, in 2006, although Fiorello also “adopted” the woman's first daughter, Olivia, from a previous marriage.

However, now it seems that the marriage between the two is taking place in crisis and it would have been the cause of this moment new passion of the showman: not a new woman, but a magnificent motorcycle, a true symbol of Italy around the world.

A Vespa Piaggio 300 – Source – Autoruote4x4.comA Vespa Piaggio 300 – Source –

The Vespa Piaggio 300 from Fiorello, perfect for on the go

We're talking about a great one Vespa Piaggio 300 GTS, a classic of Italian motorcycle production. Equipped with disc brakes, thick tires and a glossy black body, the design was personally selected by Fiorello bright colors, icons and stickers which reflect Fiorello's theatrical personality.

In short, for the Fiorello – Susanna Biondo couple there is nothing to fear: the fans can still celebrate their love, even if the showman will certainly be busy for some time now with his fantastic new motorcycle, which he has already ridden around many times .

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