Fiorello has found the new location for Viva Rai2 Today

Fiorello has found the new location for Viva Rai2! Today

wait done Fiorello has found the new location for Viva Rai2! “We’re almost there” – the showman tweeted, posting a photo of himself with a red background, accompanied by the hashtags “location” and “vivarai2”.

The new location of Viva Rai2!

According to an indiscretion gathered by the LaPresse agency, Fiorello’s program could be broadcast from the Foro Italico, the sports complex at the foot of Monte Mario and a stone’s throw from Ponte Milvio. For the time being, however, there is silence about the official status. Meanwhile, fans hope to see their idol at home and calls are mounting, inviting Fiorello and his team to the streets and squares of Rome from north to south. Offers from all over Italy.

Fiorello thanks the districts of Rome

“Thank you to all the districts of Rome, but we can say all of Italy, who offered to host #vivarai2! An incredible affection! Thank you for all the love that is coming,” wrote the conductor, who spent weeks searching for a venue for his program after residents of Via Asiago, upset by the early morning rush, protested and Viva Rai2! transfer somewhere else.

Many neighborhoods in Rome have bid for locations: an appeal came from the mini-mayor of Tor Bella Monaca, another from north Rome who, after being the setting for Edicola Fiore, dreamed – and perhaps still can with the Foro Italico – of seeing Fiorello up close.