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Fiorello unleashed: "La Russa was hospitalized because…"the gag on the n greeting

Fiorello unleashed quotLa Russa was hospitalized becausequotthe gag on the

The Roman salute is not a crime if there is no desire to restore the fascist party: the Supreme Court ruling dominates Fiorello's press review in the Friday January 19 episode of Viva Rai2. The President of the Senate, Ignazio La Russa, could not help but be targeted by the Sicilian showman: “He started waving last night,” he joked, “he was hospitalized for a dislocated shoulder,” the report reads actually “contortion for the Roman salute.”

Fiorello gets Fedez in trouble: it's already happened elsewhere..., the social fool

Regarding the confrontation between the prime minister and the league boss, the showman reads a headline: “Meloni beats Salvini. Now we have to see how many degrees… washing degree!” He jokes to the laughter of Biggio, Casciari and the entire cast. “Among other things, it almost seems like they are playing Monopoly. Salvini wants Basilicata, Meloni exchanges them for tokens and starts again: I'll give you Parco della Vittoria, just stop it!” But that's not the end of it and Fiorello continues unstoppably. “There is also tension between Salvini and Zaia, both of whom belong to the Northern League camp and therefore…. They compete to see who has it further north!” There was also irony about the meeting between Giorgia Meloni and von der Leyen in Forlì. “Not everyone is happy with the meeting between Meloni and the President of the European Commission, between these two blondes…” Just remember that the bond with our government is so strong that Giorgia's brother-in-law Francesco Lollobrigida has his hair done like by the Leyen.”