Fioretta Mari Do you remember her on Amici What does

Fioretta Mari: Do you remember her on “Amici”? What does it do now

She became known and popular on television thanks to her participation in Maria De Filippi’s talent show, Amici, in the role of drama teacher. Fioretta MariAbove all, professionally, she can look back on a life full of success and satisfaction: actress, teacher, artistic director and theater director, who has earned the esteem of everyone over the years. But what are you doing now? Let’s find out together.

Fioretta Mari, her experience at “Amici di Maria De Filippi”

born in 1942, Fioretta Mari is best known for her role as a teacher on the Maria De Filippi talent showin which it was present from the beginning for eight editions in which the program takes the name of Saranno Famosi and the desk of Prof. it was definitely different from that of the teachers of Amici 22.

A strict and dutiful teacher, but always with a smile, she is a professional who has always tried to convey this to her students passion for acting apply alternative methods and not only aim at pure theory. she improv sessions in Amici’s school they are engraved in the memory of all viewers of those years, and the students themselves loved her, and most importantly they loved to learn a lot from her.

The way he taught always showed the great respect he had and still has for art and, in his special case, for acting and theatre. But not only that, because Fioretta Mari it has always been distinguished by its character pleasant and for her good relationship with the other teachers and the hostess: “Working with Maria De Filippi is a privilege and a great fortune because she has a charisma and a great intuition to find out who is worth something”, he added reveal the opportunity of an interview with RTL.

Fioretta Mari’s life before and after “Amici”

Fioretta Manetti, born Fioretta Mari, has dedicated her whole life to acting. His work at the Amici teacher’s desk was only an interlude in his successful career.

She started collaborating at a young age great theater and film actors as well as the unforgettable Vittorio Gassman and Massimo Troisi; He has reached milestones in the cinema, on television and above all in the theater, which is his living space par excellence. In fact, since 2009 she has been teaching at the Strasberg Institute in New York City, where she led the Commedia dell’arte teaching method, and since 2015 she has been the Artistic Director of the ACT Italy Festival for Actors.

It was like that in his life romantically linked to Armando De RazzaSinger and actor with whom he had a daughter, Ida Elena, currently residing in Switzerland.

Fioretta Mari with her daughter on “Today is another day”

As a guest of Serena Bortone and her “stable affections” on the October 3, 2022 episode, Fioretta Mari was present in the study of Today is Another Day in the Company of his daughter Ida Elena with whom he shares the stage for the first time thanks to the musical comedy The Great Occasion… who knows if it will be possible.

“She was my first teacher,” confirms Mari’s daughter strictness of the mother in relation to work and theater. You don’t have to know her personally to understand what defines Fioretta Mari: a woman who knows exactly what she says and what she wants, and whose talent has allowed her to reach very high peaks. His vision of life also leaves no doubt: “We all act in life and we are not sincere. If you are truthful, if you are good, they will kill you in this world.”