First protected area for marine fauna in Venezuela what is

First protected area for marine fauna in Venezuela: what is known about the construction and when will it be put into operation?

Venezuela opens a new chapter in marine conservation with the inauguration of its first marine wildlife sanctuary, an initiative that aims not only to protect marine biodiversity but also to promote environmental education. Located in the state of Nueva Esparta, this facility is a joint initiative of the Ministry of Ecosocialism and Waterland Mundo Marino CA and highlights the importance of collaboration between the public and private sectors in protecting the environment.

This project will provide a safe haven for endangered marine species and serve as a research and education center for local communities and visitors. By integrating conservation and education, the sanctuary aims to raise awareness of the need to protect the oceans.

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What will Venezuela's marine wildlife sanctuary look like?

The marine fauna sanctuary was designed as a multifunctional space that will include recovery and rehabilitation areas for affected species, research areas and educational spaces. The priority is to create a safe and healthy environment for marine wildlife while promoting community awareness and knowledge of marine ecosystems.

First protected area for marine fauna in Venezuela what isThe amusement park will also serve as a training center for marine biology students. Photo: X/contrapuntovzla

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How long will Venezuela's new marine wildlife sanctuary be operational?

The construction of the sanctuary is planned in two phases. The first is expected to be completed by the end of this year, allowing initial work to begin in early 2025. Complete completion of the work is scheduled for mid-2025. This will mark the beginning of a new era in marine conservation in Venezuela.

Which state will the marine fauna sanctuary be located in?

It was originally supposed to be located at La Caranta Recreational Park in Pampatar in the picturesque state of Nueva Esparta. However, in response to complaints from fishermen and residents of the area, Juan Carlos Toyo, Minister of Fisheries and Aquaculture, announced that the vessel would be relocated and that work was being considered on the Lagunamar coasts.

This site not only provides an exceptional natural environment for the rehabilitation of marine life, but also facilitates access for visitors and the educational community.

What types of marine life will the protected area support?

The Marine Fauna Protected Area of ​​Venezuela, in the state of Nueva Esparta, was designed to accommodate a variety of marine species, especially those affected by pollution, maritime traffic or natural accidents. Although not all species are listed in the articles, these facilities generally focus on sea turtles, various species of fish, marine mammals such as dolphins and manatees, and corals and other forms of marine life. The aim is to create a safe living space for relaxation and study.