Flavia Borzone and Tonino Lamborghini in court I took Elettras

Flavia Borzone and Tonino Lamborghini in court: “I took Elettra’s DNA from saliva, he is also my father”

by Andreina Baccaro

Flavia Borzone, the entrepreneur's alleged daughter, is accused of defaming her mother. At the trial he talked about meeting the Lamborghini heir. The report of the defendant's investigators: “DNA taken from the straw”

There is a DNA testing what the binding of would testify “One-sided sisterhood” between Elettra Lamborghini and Flavia Borzonethe 36-year-old Neapolitan sued by Tonino Lamborghini for defamation, precisely because she and her mother had supported Rosalba Colosimo, an opera singer, in an interview, be the daughter of the heir of the renowned automobile manufacturer.

Flavia Borzone and Rosalba Colosimo in the courtroom in Bologna

The twist came in court when it was his turn Two women submit to the judge's questions, prosecution and defense. Flavia Borzone, who has already received the judgment in the first instance from the Court of Naples annulling the paternity of the man she has always considered her father, after the DNA test categorically excluded him, He talked about the only meeting he had with Lamborghini in 2019. “For a while, when my mother and, I thought, my father were arguing, I heard my mother say: 'Don't interfere, because Flavia is not your daughter.' One day I decided to be the one to meet who my mother said was my real father.

The story: “In 2019 I met Tonino Lamborghini”

On February 11, 2019, the woman drove from Naples to Funo di Argelato, where she met Tonino Lamborghini in front of the headquarters of the Ferruccio Lamborghini Museum. «That day he confirmed the relationship to me that he had had with my mother – the story of the woman in the courtroom – and that I could actually have been his daughter, but he said he would never take the DNA test.

Lamborghini has already won the civil case for two interviews

The meeting is recorded by the defendant and the recording was included in the trial documentsalthough Lamborghini has already won the libel case against the two women in civil court over the two separate interviews they gave to a weekly magazine and a Mediaset program.

Private detectives and Elettra's DNA

But Judge Anna Fiocchi did accepted the defense's request to obtain the investigation report one of the four private detectives hired by the two women. One of the two follows the singer Elettra Lamborghinihe managed to get one at a public event Straw on which his biological material was located what, put to Comparison by a geneticist with Flavia Borzone's DNA would have given a positive result: a molecular biological analysis showed that the two women have a parent in common.

The reason for recognizing paternity

The lawyer Gianmaria Romanello, who, together with the lawyer Sergio Culiersi, supports the mother in the criminal proceedings but the daughter in the civil proceedings, is now preparing to initiate civil proceedings to recognize paternity of Lamborghini, which instead appealed in Naples against the ruling annulling the paternity of Borzone for Flavia (defended in the criminal case by the lawyer Carlo Zauli). “It is an event in my life that haunts me – said Rosalba Colosimo in the courtroom – these miserable events do not belong to me, I was not looking for notoriety, I moved on Barbara D'Urso to present my book, not to talk about Lamborghini.

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January 30, 2024 (modified January 30, 2024 | 09:18)