Flordelis was addicted to sex and swingers says journalist

Flordelis “was addicted to sex and swingers, says journalist

Written in POLÍTICA on January 19, 2024 · 8:55 a.m

Flordelis “was addicted to sex and swingers.” At least that's what the writer and journalist Ullisses Campbell, author of the “Mulheres Assassinas” trilogy, which tells the story of the confessed murderers Suzane Von Richthofen and Elize Matsunaga, says about the gospel singer.

Campbell spoke about the private life of the defendant, who is in a prison in Rio de Janeiro and accused of killing her husband, Pastor Anderson do Carmo.

“She wants to get married in prison so she can have a conjugal visit. At the same time she [Flordelis] wants house arrest, wants to get married behind bars. She was addicted to sex and swingers,” he said in an interview with Isto é Gente.

Flordelis and Allan Soares planned a prison wedding. But after three years of dating, things changed. The former Bundestag member and pastor ended her engagement with the gospel producer this Wednesday (January 17th) after visiting his current ex in prison.

Half a century in prison

Flordelis was sentenced to more than 50 years in prison for her husband's murder. In June last year she requested that her relationship with Allan be formalized. The two had been together for almost two years at the time of the application. They met before the Protestant pastor was arrested in 2021.

According to Ullisses, at the time Flordelis was married to Anderson, the relationship was not at all in accordance with the commandments and laws of the church: “She did not live a Christian life as she preached to the believers. Before she had her exhusband killed, they had an open relationship.”

The exfiancé Allan explained on his Instagram account this Thursday (18) that “out of respect for everyone involved, I will not speak about these lies”. However, he did not explain whether the lies were about the breakup or the reasons mentioned.

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