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Flowers over the Hell of Travenì, where it really is Contra Ataque

Fiori sopra l'inferno Travenì, where it is in reality

Flowers over Hell is the new Rai series, a thriller starring Elena Sofia Ricci as the protagonist. The setting is the town of Travenì, but does it really exist?

Everyone wonders where Travenì actually is and how to get there, maybe for a short holiday in the mountains in the snow of the Dolomites. Travenì’s name became famous thanks to Fiori sopra l’inferno, a Rai novel starring Elena Sofia Ricci. In the role of Alzheimer’s profiler Teresa Battaglia, the famous Italian actress traverses the territories narrated in the novels of the writer Ilaria Tuti, recreated under the direction of the director Carlo Carley. Next to her, on the set, also Giuseppe Spata, Gianluca Gobbi and many other actors and actresses. In the 6 episodes of this first season of the series, the protagonist Teresa Battaglia goes to town He came, in Friuli Venezia Giulia to uncover the identity of a serial killer angering the local community. The mountain locations where the series is set are undoubtedly suggestive and unusual for Italian television, usually accustomed to big cities like Rome or Naples, and many have wondered if this place where Teresa Battaglia’s investigations take place really exists. He actually came it’s not a real place, but was created by the writer Ilaria Tuti. A common choice, especially in crime fiction, to avoid the risk of “smearing” the reputation of a real place with a gruesome crime story invented from scratch. However, it is a place that, albeit imaginary, refers to the typical villages of the mountains of Friuli Venezia Giulia, in fact it is in fiction not far from Tarvisio, a well-known town of about 4,000 inhabitants in the Val Canale. Travenì was born above all from the knowledge of the geographical places of Friuli that Ilaria Tuti, the author of the novel on which Fiori sopra l’inferno is based, is originally from Gemona del Friuli.

flowers over hell the true locations

Travenì won’t exist, but Fiori sopra l’inferno was obviously shot in real locations (apart from the interior scenes, which were mostly recreated in the Rome studio). The scenes of the series are in fact located in the places that inspired Ilaria Tuti’s imagination or in the scenarios of Friuli Venezia Giulia in the Dolomites. Travenì is mainly rebuilt in the streets of Tarvisio, from which the famous medieval tower can be easily recognized, but also the square that appears in the very first scene of the first episode of the Rai fiction. Among the sites of Fiori sopra l’inferno there is also the well-known neighboring forest, the largest in Italy (24 hectares). Located in the province of Udine, Tarvisio is just a few steps from Kranjska Gora in Slovenia. In fact, the municipality is famous for being the only one bordering the country before and after World War II. Other locations of the Rai series were Camporosso, Malborghetto, Lago del Predil, Val Saisera, Pontebba, Coccau and Udine, the capital of Friuli. Other scenes were instead shot in another suggestive scenario of the north-eastern Italian region, namely that of the Fusine Lakes.