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Fondussimo teams up with chef and businesswoman Cassandra Lavoine – Le Journal de Québec

Quebec company Fondussimo, in collaboration with chef and entrepreneur Cassandra Lavoine, introduces a limited edition of its new cream-colored Evolution fondue set.

“In my family we eat fondue every week. I probably knew Dany before he knew me because I fell in love with his products. When I knew that Fondussimo was a Quebec company, I wanted to share it on the networks every time I ate fondue. “It is important that entrepreneurs encourage each other,” confided Cassandra, who inspired the choice of the new color and also provided two new recipes.

“I am such an energetic person. When I come home, it needs to be refined to have a calmer and softer environment,” adds the woman who appreciates bright and bright colors such as cream.

“For me, the art of the table is just as important as the food. So I take a lot of time to make beautiful dishes, but I take just as much time to make beautiful tables,” she continued.

Since they were first introduced in 2019, Fondussimo sets have always been sold in black. For Dany Bernard, president and founder of the company, who is planning to break into new markets, namely the USA and Europe, the results are very conclusive.

The author of six cookbooks, Cassandra Lavoine, is collaborating on the launch of a limited edition of Fondussimo, which stands out with its new cream color.  (Photo provided by Fondussimo)

Dany Bernard, President and Founder of Fondussimo. (Photo provided by Fondussimo) Photo provided by Fondussimo

“We made something really beautiful. We thought of Cassandra because not only does she love fondue, but she also has a sense of aesthetics and authenticity that aligns with our values,” he said.

New edition

This new edition will therefore be called “Fondussimo”. For this occasion, the chef has prepared two new recipes that will be included in the new set, namely the port fondue and the local cheese fondue, and also reveals her best tips and even wine pairings .

“Developing recipes is what I enjoy doing most. I already have my list of all the other recipes I want to develop with Fondussimo.”

The new edition will go on sale on Thursday, February 1st at 10 a.m. on the fondssimo.com website. Almost 75% of the company's sales are based on the online sales model, although the products are also sold in chains such as Doyon Després, Tanguay, Eugène Allard, Cuisina, Stokes and Ares Accessories de Cuisine.

“I am pleased to finally announce this partnership. For me it was always a dream and a continuation to develop products such as dishes, utensils and glasses for cookbooks. That was always in my plans. “Starting strong with something I love so much is a perfect fit,” she concluded.

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