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For an EU without anti Semitism state parliaments conferred in Brussels

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Vienna State Parliament President Ernst Woller attends the Europe Conference of German-speaking state parliaments in Brussels from 22 to 23 January 2023

Vienna (OTS) – Cross-border and cross-border treatment of the causes of anti-Semitism and a sustainable culture of remembrance and commemoration are some of the concrete measures of the Brussels declaration on the “EU strategy to combat anti-Semitism and to promote life Jewish”. This declaration was signed yesterday by the presidents of the German and Austrian state parliaments and the South Tyrol state parliament, as well as the German Bundestag and the German and Austrian Bundesrat with the participation of the Parliament of the German-speaking Community of Belgium in this year’s Conference European in Brussels.

The president of the Landtag of Vienna, Ernst Woller, brought to the discussion the experiences and measures of the city of Vienna, since dealing with National Socialism and its consequences, and in particular with anti-Semitism, has always been of particular importance. for the politics and administration of the city, but also for the people of Vienna a. “The culture of remembrance and scientific debate and reappraisal shows how the city itself, but also numerous civil society initiatives, strive to learn lessons from the past and keep history alive, as a reminder and as a reminder,” says Woller.

Whether it concerns the General Data Protection Regulation, the tension between parliamentary autonomy and the fundamental primacy of Union law or – as in the subsequent working session in the Flemish Parliament – the role of the legislative parliaments of Europe’s constituent states, cross-border cooperation in Europe and the contribution of state parliaments in the focus of the conference.

Ernst Woller welcomes the stimulating exchange of information: “It is important that we can deepen the good relations between our parliaments and with the European institutions in the context of these conferences and exchange views on the challenges we all face today.”

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