1706389349 For just over a million they buy on an island

For just over a million they buy on an island… in Boisbriand

Hundreds of properties in Quebec change hands every day, most of them without us knowing the exact details. That was before we became interested… Here are the latest transactions that caught our attention.

At the end of December, a residence on one of the islands of the Mille Îles river was sold by its owner for just over a million dollars.

Built in 1988, the 386 square meter, two-story brick residence is located at 45 Rue des Pins, a little-known thoroughfare in Boisbriand. The latter is tucked away on Morris Island, a small island crossed by Highway 15 and its Gédéon-Ouimet Bridge between Laval and the north coast.

Real Estate - Boisbriand - Morris Island

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This residence, adjacent to a park, is located on a spacious landscaped plot of approximately 3000 m2 and is decorated with mature trees. It also benefits from a crescent-shaped entrance with garages, an in-ground swimming pool and an outdoor fireplace.

The selling owner, Sylvianne Collin, purchased this property in 2007 for $377,000. Ms. Collin managed to sell it before Christmas for $1.1 million, almost three times the price 15 years earlier.

Real Estate - Boisbriand - Morris Island

Morris Island is crossed by the A-15 motorway and its Gédéon-Ouimet bridge between Laval and the Basses-Laurentides. Google Earth

In the most recent municipal assessment roll, this residence was assigned a value of $1,071,800. This was a 41.4% increase from the previous valuation of $758,200.

In 2024, local taxes will be $6,231. Added to the purchase price for buyers was a $20,843 transfer tax payable to the City of Boisbriand.

– In collaboration with Philippe Langlois.

Excerpted from the Journal's weekly real estate column. If you hear of an interesting transaction, do not hesitate to share it at [email protected].