Forced to deny it was Meghan Markle attending Carlos IIIs

Forced to deny it was Meghan Markle attending Carlos III’s coronation was disguised: "I’ve always been like this"

My name is Sir Karl Jenkins and I understand that there is great interest in me.” This Welsh composer, who attended the coronation of Carlos III. took part went viral this week after various users on social networks put forward far-fetched theories speculating that if the musician it was actually Meghan Markle in disguise.

The Duchess of Sussex didn’t attend the ceremony where her father-in-law was crowned because she was staying in Los Angeles with her kids and because of this, crazy theories about the Exactriz’s secret presence have surfaced. “I was quite surprised that some people thought it was Meghan Markle in disguise,” Sir Karl Jenkins said on his TikTok profile after the viral images. Other users claimed the man with the mustache was Donald Trump incognito.

Sir Karl takes these comments on networks with humor, appreciating the physical aspect that characterizes him and that has caught the attention of netizens: “I’ve always been like this.” “I’ve had that mustache since I was 18. He was very fashionable then. So that’s me,” he added.

In the video, Sir Karl Jenkins presents his Knight’s Bachelor’s degree, a rank in the British honors system

He has also justified his presence at Westminster Abbey during the coronation. As can be seen from the video, he was one of those responsible for writing the music for the ceremony and was therefore invited.

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Jenkins also wanted to show off the Knight’s Bachelor badge during the video, which she received from Princess Anne in 2015 for her meritorious service to music. This was the same one he wore over his tie during the coronation of the new king. “So that’s me. Nothing scary or surprising at all,” he concluded.