Forced to leave her council housing due to lack of

Forced to leave her council housing due to lack of care –

A saguenéenne suffering from aggressive multiple sclerosis had to leave the council house where she lived a few days before Christmas because her case was too serious.

Kim Pelletier has lived on the Ilots des Jonquilles in Jonquière for three years. Until recently, it was managed by the Cooperative de solidarité de services à domicile du Royaume du Saguenay. A few days before Christmas he was informed of a service disruption.

“They told me I was too severe a case. They had to be two at night to put me to bed. Basically, I had to spend the day in my shelter until the evening,” she lamented.

“She told me that they didn’t want to take care of her for a few days. It was December 23rd. She told me that the day before they had called the paramedics to put her to bed. I said let’s see whose!” said his cousin Sonia Bédard Ouellet, who is also a beneficiary supervisor.

On December 26, Kim Pelletier paratransited alone to the Jonquière emergency room for treatment. The CLSC did everything they could to quickly find a place for him. In the meantime, she has been transferred to the CHSLD for seniors in Jonquière. She stayed there for a week.

“They said, ‘Let’s see, it doesn’t make sense what happened to you! However, it is not at all difficult to do this. It was very tough on morale. They could have waited to have a place in one place for me instead of “carrying” me from side to side, she said.

His cousin is outraged. “I find that unacceptable. I feel that it is not being done, that there is no one who should know. We don’t even do that to animals. I told Kim that I want there to be a grievance to get things done because I don’t want another person to go through what they went through,” she said.

Reached by phone, the co-op says it made the decision for safety reasons. At Ilots des Jonquilles, the service is aimed at semi-autonomous people and is only provided 12 hours a day by a single attendant. The co-op refuses to care for her on its terms, believing Ms Pelletier needs full-time care.

“I don’t understand why there was a break from duty overnight, she’s been here for three years!” Sonia Bédard Ouellet was surprised.

“Why build adapted housing if there isn’t the maintenance that goes with it?” asked Ms Pelletier.

A week ago, a place was found for him in an intermediate resource at the Maison d’Éloise and Destany in Jonquière.

“My nurses there think it’s nonsensical that I’m not a severe case,” she confessed.

Kim Pelletier must mourn the loss of her three and a half year apartment to stay in a bedroom. It also has to deal with a good price difference.

“Here it cost him $700, there it’s $1,229,” his cousin explained.

By doing the calculations, the two women conclude that Ms. Pelletier will only have $317 a month in spending money left.

“She has to pay for her cable, she has to pay for all her things,” added Ms. Bédard Ouellet.

This month Kim Pelletier has to pay her last month’s rent at the Ilots des Jonquilles, the week of accommodation at the CHSLD in addition to her new rent at the Maison d’Éloïse and Destany.

“I don’t even know how to get there,” she said.

Kim Pelletier leaves a home full of good memories.