1667486546 Foreigners queue in front of the police headquarters Not very

Foreigners queue in front of the police headquarters: “Not very personal”

CREMONA – Since last spring (from March/April according to some residents) there have been nights when groups of asylum seekers camp and sleep under the colonnade of the Ponchielli Theater, awaiting the opening of the next morning’s immigration office in the district.

Night bivouacs and long queues. Rosanna Ciaceri, President of the Association of Immigrant Citizens of Cremona, He explains “the reasons” why there are “incredible queues in front of the immigration office at the police headquarters” where he walked around yesterday morning and took the photos.


Rosanna Ciaceri

“Police headquarters are small – says Ciaceri – The staff is not enough to make appointments. Foreigners have to be fingerprinted first and the science police are busy on many fronts. The result? Two exercises a day ».

And once again the President of the Immigrant Association emphasizes: “Foreigners fight to be first in the morning. There are guys who have come back at least seven times to ask on a date“.


Queuing in front of police headquarters

The issue of bivouacs and queues had been raised by some residents in the areato. «The scene repeats itself every time: at best a sleeping bag or a simple sheet; no toilet except the street itself; no cushions, if not the bases of the pillars of the theater; no mattress, except for the flagstones of the sidewalk. And if spring and summer weather conditions were still able to guarantee acceptable conditions at night, now that temperatures are falling, we fear the consequences and wonder how to solve this for many surreal situations ».

A resident who has lived in Via Cesari since 2006 commented: “If I could choose, I wouldn’t move here again.” Another: “I’m afraid to go out with the dog in the evenings.”

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