Panama rocked by tragic accident involving irregular migrants

Forensics compare fingerprints of deceased migrants in Panama

According to an official statement on the work to identify the fatalities, progress is being made among the 66 passengers traveling on the 5B-54 bus that crashed in the city of Gualaca, Chiriquí, with a tally of 41 fatalities and dozens injured with the cases in which they have received the necessary information.

Forensic authorities have said they will let the State Department know once they have the expected results.

The expert opinions carried out serve to determine the identity of the deceased and the surviving dependents. It is a process of comparison, confirmation and legalization of identity, this text specifies.

He also points out that due diligence is complicated by dealing with a heterogeneous group of people from different countries, by the state of integrity and preservation of the corpses, and by the lack of information from relatives, dental charts and genetic profiles, which are essential for the respective games.

The procedures are known to the competent authorities and they work in a team with other institutions involved to obtain the necessary information.

According to several experts, the tragic accident is the worst in the last 50 years, when the bus crashed trying to return to an Immigration Reception Station, which the driver, who also died, was unable to find at the time.

The government last Thursday announced the nationalities of the irregular migrants traveling by bus.

According to a statement from the Palacio de las Garzas (headquarters of the executive branch), of the 66 travelers transported to Los Planes immigration station, 42 were male and 24 were female.

The official report states that among the migrants were 22 Ecuadorians, 16 Haitians and 11 Venezuelans, the three nationalities with the largest presence.

They also identified citizens of Brazil (six), Colombia (five), Cameroon (two), Cuba (two), Eritrea (one) and Nigeria (one).

A total of 20 minors were on the move: 12 boys and eight girls, this text adds.