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“Forever”; Sabrina Sato’s daughter “revolts”, asks her mother to change her name and surprises with a new choice


Girl is the result of Sabrina’s relationship with actor Duda Nagle

Sabrina Sato's daughter surprises her and asks her mother to change her name© Images 1 and 2 Playback: Instagram/Sabrina SatoSabrina Sato’s daughter surprises her and asks her mother to change her name

the lecturer Sabrina Sato surprised internet users last Friday (02/17) by sharing an unusual moment with her daughter. During the recording of Sabrina’s Carnival, a program showing her preparation for the date, the famous had a special participation zoe.

In the scene, Sabrina shows a conversation with the little one, who would come back from school with her father after enrollment: “Hi, Mom. I love you! I am here until now. We ‘just went home,'” began the girlspawn of the former BBBactor’s relationship. doubt nail.

> Replay: Instagram/Sabrina Sato

Then, amidst the hustle and bustle, Zoe took a moment to make a special request to her mom: “Hey mom, ‘can you change my name’?”, surprising everyone. Sabrina then asked what her daughter’s name would like to change, and was promptly answered, “Letícia… No! Teresa! Could it be Teresa? Teresa forever!” he fired.

The speech made everyone present laugh. As an enthusiastic mother, the presenter did not fail to praise the only 4yearold heiress: “She impresses not only us, but also everyone who lives with us,” he explained.