Former Bears quarterback defends Justin Fields performance against Chiefs in

Former Bears quarterback defends Justin Fields’ performance against Chiefs in film breakdown –

Another week. Another movie glitch.

This time it comes from former Chicago Bears quarterback Chase Daniel. He tried to analyze Justin Fields’ tape against the Chiefs from the Bears’ 41-10 loss on the road.

Daniel does a phenomenal job pointing out the Chiefs’ coveted Cover Zero defense. They only had three players on the field for much of Sunday, which made it all the more embarrassing when Fields took sacks. (Side note: He took three.)

It’s also important to note that the Chiefs also had a spy on Fields for most of the game.

Still, from Daniel’s perspective, a few things mattered. A huge lack of protection and poor protection systems in advance. Consistently poor game design. And receivers don’t open up, drop the ball, or turn it over.

Fields’ errors resulted from his inability to foul the ball or escape the pocket and his failure to utilize the proper opening on some throws. From Daniel’s perspective, Fields’ mistakes are limited compared to the first two weeks.

Side note: Daniel only watches the first half. Fields and the Bears get into the red zone for a field goal and score a touchdown late in the fourth quarter. So consider this an indication of how solid Fields’ performance was against the Chiefs, even if the box score tells a completely different story.

One of the biggest, if not the biggest, problems for Bears fans this season has been figuring out who to blame. Who is responsible for the Bears’ treacherous losses? The trainers? The players? Fields?

So far it’s been a combination of everything, culminating in arguably the worst team in football. This week, unlike previous weeks, it doesn’t appear that Fields is partly to blame. It looks like a coaching session and the supporting cast is the star this week.

However, with 14 weeks left in the regular season, the jury is still out on the majority. But whoever owns it, they could be in for some changes by the end of the season.

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