Former school board member Lubby Navarro could be released from

Former school board member Lubby Navarro could be released from prison after his arrest for spending other people's money

MIAMI, Florida. — Although former Miami-Dade School Board Vice President Lubby Navarro spent a night in jail following her arrest on grand theft and fraud charges Thursday, her attorney said she is expected to be released Friday afternoon.

Navarro, 49, is accused of spending more than $100,000 on personal expenses on her district-issued credit cards in 2022, shortly before she resigned from the board over a new state law banning lobbyists from holding office .

Further details – including the full arrest warrant in English – can be found here.

These purchases, prosecutors said, ranged from groceries, household items and vacations to the strangest: two silicone pregnancy bellies, all in an effort to win back her then-boyfriend.

On Thursday, a judge set Navarro's bail at $2 million. On Friday, another judge reduced the amount to $100,000.

Kuehne, appearing on his behalf, told reporters that he was expected to be released from prison under house arrest on Friday afternoon.

“Judge (Carlos) López understood that the purpose of bail is to ensure that someone, especially a community servant like Lubby Navarro, is here to defend the case,” Kuehne said. “And he considered that the conditions for setting bail were met, which we expected yesterday.”

Kuehne added that he “also listened to the concerns about keeping someone in prison who shouldn't stay in prison and today approved his release. We hope that happens this afternoon.”

He said his client would ultimately be vindicated.

“I respect that the state spent 92 pages explaining its case,” Kuehne said. “If it takes 92 pages to explain your case, all I can say is that it shows that there is much more to this case than meets the eye.”

Before she is released, Navarro must prove through a financial analysis that her bail was obtained legitimately.

Navarro was appointed by Republican Gov. Rick Scott and became the favorite of local conservatives before she resigned.

She is currently the director of government affairs for Memorial Healthcare System, part of the South Broward Hospital District.

Navarro was placed on unpaid leave from that position following her arrest, authorities said.

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