Former Sijin agent involved in infidelity reappears as an influencer

Former Sijín agent involved in infidelity reappears as an influencer and promises to talk about the case

A former Sijín agent He starred in one last month Video about infidelity with the wife of another uniformed man. This strange case has attracted national and international attention and provoked strong reactions on social networks. The controversy has led to the former uniformed officer being implicated Reinvent yourself as an influencerand has promised to reveal unpublished details of this case, which has sparked memes, ridicule and a debate about ethics and privacy.

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What is the Sijín infidelity case about?

The video, which quickly spread across platforms such as X (formerly known as Twitter), captures the tense confrontation between an officer and his female partner, along with another man. This creates a controversy that goes beyond the boundaries of Cumaral, Meta.

eldelacijin |  sijín VIDEO |  Case of infidelity in SijínThe case of infidelity towards a member of the Sijín went viral on social networks and even the police have launched an investigation. Photo: LR/X composition

“I come home and find my wife with this little friend. What a nice companion I have from Sijín, right? Thank you thank you. Those who talk a lot do little. He even leaves the motorcycle at the house. Thank you, Sara, thank you.”the Sijín member said in the viral recording.

Later, when he asks his colleague to leave, the person injured by the alleged infidelity explains in the video: “What are you waiting for, countryman? That I go and you stay with her alone, or what?” Start, millet, start here. “Start, I live here,” the annoyed man says to his wife's lover as he remains in a room with his arms crossed, expressing that he feels sorry for him. “Grief? The wife I had makes me sad. I work like a fag and my wife is locked in the house with you. That makes me sad, that makes me sad.”

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Who is the former Sijín agent who is now an influencer?

One of the participants in this melodrama has decided not only to face the situation, but also Take advantage of the attention you receive. After opening a new account on Instagram and TikTok, the former Sijín agent (who was supposed to be the lover in the video) quickly began gaining followers. It has been exceeded 117,000 in a few days under the name The one from Cijin.

Despite the bad reputation Steven Segura Now he has become a public figure. He promises to share his side of the story. and never-before-revealed details about the infidelity incident.

eldelacijin |  sijín VIDEO |  Case of infidelity in SijínIn addition, El de la Cijin already creates content with other internet personalities such as Danny Alzate or Adriana Rojas. Photo: IG screenshots

What is the name of the woman in the Sijín video?

The woman involved in the video has only been identified as “Laura Sijin” on social networks. Although this name appears to be a nickname stemming from the scandal, what was heard in the filming went viral.

After the incident, she faced serious consequences, including a suspected assassination attempt on her. The case has exposed discussions about privacy, harassment and gender-based violence and revealed the complexity and complexity of the scandal.

eldelacijin |  sijín VIDEO |  Case of infidelity in SijínThe names of those involved have not yet been revealed, but it can be seen from the video that the woman responds to the name Sara. Photo: X