France A fast food worker was killed for defending his

France: A fast food worker was killed for defending his checkout

A fast food worker in Villeurbanne, near Lyon, was fatally shot and injured during the robbery of his place on Thursday night and the suspect fled, a court source tells us.

The incident happened around 3:30 a.m., just after the attacker “armed with a firearm” broke in and “threatened the two employees and the customer who were there, demanding the cash,” according to AFP on the Lyon floor informed .

As he was about to leave, one of the two employees tried to intervene and the defendant shot his direction, “touching him on the abdomen and thigh” before fleeing, he added.

According to the same source, the victim died from his injuries while being transported to the hospital.

The public prosecutor’s office has initiated an investigation into “arms theft and intentional killing” and commissioned the criminal police to do so.