France A toddler lets his mother find his stolen car

France: A toddler lets his mother find his stolen car

A toddler allowed his mother to find his stolen car after thugs spotted him in the back seat.

The incident happened just after midnight on Wednesday evening in Aniche, France. The owner of the vehicle had to run to the pharmacy. Thinking she wouldn’t have it much longer, she left her child in the car with the keys in the ignition to make things easier for the thieves.

Shortly after noticing the toddler’s presence, the suspects returned the car to where they had left it, local media La Voix du Nord reported.

A suspect who was still at the scene was arrested when police arrived.

However, according to French media, the incident would have been the result of a simple misunderstanding. In fact, the suspect allegedly told police that he and another suspect were about to conduct a drug transaction and believed the vehicle to be the vehicle of the other person involved.

Only after “about thirty meters” did they see the child and immediately brought the car back.