Friends 22 New Years Gate Lorella Cuccarini angry at NDG

Friends 22, New Year’s Gate. Lorella Cuccarini angry at NDG: “I would have nailed you to the wall”

The controversy continues New Year’s Gate indicator friends 22. After the last episode, which was defined as “shock” due to the series of challenges and direct eliminations, due to the attitude of competitors NDG, Wax, Maddalena and Samu, Valeria and Tommy Dali, there is still severe aftermath within the school. Today, for example, viewers witnessed the bullshit the teachers did to the three Ndg students, Maddalena and Samu. The only exception is Wax, who is now being filmed by his fellow players: will there be a new confrontation with the teachers soon?

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Lorella Cucarini she was really angry. Normally, viewers of the show are used to seeing her calm and smiling, but this time it really seems that the guys’ attitude has put her in high spirits.

The reproach

Called once NDGThe singing teacher literally took him back abruptly: “I really am Black. You’re not there, you can tell me, yeah, I know I was wrong, it’s not like you guys get along like that. How do you come up with something like that? Niccolo, this is not bullshit. After this stuff I won’t pass until the next one. And I’ll tell you more and I’ll tell the others too, now we’re two and a half months away from evening. […] This isn’t one Nonsenseit is a very serious matter. […] Du warst nur einen Schritt davon entfernt, draußen zu sein[…[AlsichdieseAufnahmensahhätteichdichalsElternteilandieWandgepinnthuhIchbinhierumdichzubeschützendichzuunterstützendichzubegleitenwasimmerduwillstAberichsteckedirkeineGlasglockereinandieserStellemusstduaufdichselbstaufpassen»NDGinextremeSchwierigkeitengeratenkonntenichtsanderestunalsaufdenBodenzuschauenundzuantworten:«IchhabewirklichkeineWorteichmussmichnurbegraben»[…[QuandohovistoquelfilmatotiavreiappiccicatoalmurocomegenitoreehIosonoquiperproteggervipersostenerviperaccompagnarvituttoquellochevoleteMaiononvimettodentrounacampanadivetroaquestopuntoveladovetecavaredasoli»NDGmessoinestremadifficoltànonhapotutofarealtrocheguardareaterraerispondere:«Nonhoveramenteparoledevosolosotterrarmi»[…[AlsichdieseAufnahmensahhätteichdichalsElternteilandieWandgepinnthuhIchbinhierumdichzubeschützendichzuunterstützendichzubegleitenwasimmerduwillstAberichsteckedirkeineGlasglockereinandieserStellemusstduaufdichselbstaufpassen»NDGinextremeSchwierigkeitengeratenkonntenichtsanderestunalsaufdenBodenzuschauenundzuantworten:«IchhabewirklichkeineWorteichmussmichnurbegraben»[…[QuandohovistoquelfilmatotiavreiappiccicatoalmurocomegenitoreehIosonoquiperproteggervipersostenerviperaccompagnarvituttoquellochevoleteMaiononvimettodentrounacampanadivetroaquestopuntoveladovetecavaredasoli» NDGmessoinestremadifficoltànonhapotutofarealtrocheguardareaterraerispondere: «Nonhoveramenteparoledevosolosotterrarmi»

other perpetrators

But among the culprits of the mysterious New Year’s events are Samu and Maddalena. The two dancers were called by Emanuel Lo, who imposed strict new rules on them Rules. In fact, from now on, Maddalena and Samu no longer have access to their cell phones and have to go to sleep until 10:30 p.m.

The Mystery

There is still an aura of mystery surrounding the New Year’s events. In fact, the show has not yet revealed the serious behavior of the students involved that night. All that is certain is that it was a reckless gesture that may have gone unreported so as not to set a bad example for the show’s young viewers. Meanwhile, Guera has vehemently denied ever snorting nutmeg, as some had speculated online.

Last updated: Tuesday 17 January 2023 19:51