Friends Previews Episode January 21 2024 What are the rankings

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Friends Previews Episode January 21, 2024: What are the rankings?

What happened in the episode of Amici di Maria De Filippi, 23rd edition, broadcast on Sunday, January 21, 2024? Let's find out together how the guys ran and what happened in the races!

It will arrive soon new episode of Amici di Maria De Filippi, 2023 edition. The appointment is for Sunday, January 14, 2024as always 2 p.m. Thanks in advance We have some interesting spoilers, for example about the singing and dancing competitions. Kia is at the top together Dustinthe newcomer, Nahaze, ends up in second to last place.

Friends, Kia comes first

There is less and less time until the new episode of Friends of Maria De Filippi. The audience is eagerly waiting to see how the boys will fare in the face of this After Matthew and Mew leave, there are two new additions to the school. Well, it seems that one of the two singers is already ready to hit the ground running: Kia, accepted into Lorella Cuccarini's team, takes first place. Nahaze, on the other hand, performed poorly, being selected by Anna Pettinelli and finishing second to last. As far as dancing goes, things are still going badly Nicholaswho once again reached the bottom of the rankings.

In addition to the usual dancing and singing competitions, there will also be one on January 21st the challenge of dance improvisation. This time Dustin, Sofia and Nicholas will fight for victory. Celentanoas also reported by superguidatv, called up the friend of Isobel as Marisol he had a physical problem with his leg. All students dance with professionals. The couples will be: Dustin and Isobel, Sofia and Sebastian, Nicholas and Elena. Here are the dance and singing competition rankings:

  • Dustin;
  • Sofia;
  • Marisol;
  • Kumo;
  • Gaia;
  • Lucia;
  • Simon;
  • John;
  • Nicholas.
  • Kia;
  • Held;
  • Martina;
  • He gives me;
  • Small;
  • Sarah;
  • Lil Jolie;
  • Ayle;
  • Nahaze;
  • Malia.

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