Friends shock for a former student who reveals quotHe raised

Friends, shock for a former student who reveals: "He raised me" TVDaily

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Friends, shock for former student who reveals: 'He raised me'

Niveo, former participant of Amici di Maria De Filippi, 22nd edition, has the opportunity to tell his story and talk about some details of his life. His words surprise fans!

Level until the century Marco FasanoHe was one of the protagonists of Friends of Maria De Filippi, 22nd edition. The singer was one of the youngest in the group and unfortunately came one step away from the evening without having access to it. Marco That’s what he says though He is very happy with the experience he had and thanks his former teacher Lorella Cuccarini very much for helping him grow. The young man was a guest in the last episode of “Tell me something about yourself”, the well-known YouTube format of the showgirl.

Friends, when did Niveo start singing?

Very young, but already “tested” in music, Level was quite successful Maria De Filippi talent show. There was a section of the audience who immediately became his fans and really appreciated his music. LevelIn a conversation with his former teacher, he talks about his beginnings: how his love for singing and playing came about and, above all, when. His answer is very strange: In fact, the boy cannot give an exact time or date. He said that:

“I remember it As a child, I whistled the songs I heard on the radio. I always whistled, so much so that my father and mother still call me “whistle.” […] In elementary school, I started locking myself in my room with my computerKaraoke and sang songs from my favorite artists. […]Shaw Mendes raised me.” He explains and then talks about his favorite artists. So far, more names have been added to Shaw Mendes’s: “Harry Styles on an international level, while in Italy I still really follow the whole indie scene. […] Calcutta, gazelle, ram.”

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